Robin Young-Cournoyer Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

In Robin’s many years as a nurse, she has heard numerous stories from friends and families who were having extreme difficulty navigating the health care system and creating a plan that was best for their loved ones. She has provided advice and support throughout the years, but did not fully understand the scope of the issue until her own Dad, Roland began to have health issues and required assistance. She was appointed his medical proxy which required frequent trips from Connecticut to New Hampshire to set and guide the course for Roland’s care. He was an extremely intelligent, rational and persistent man. In fact, he was often heard to say “It is my way or the highway” frequently throughout his life. As medical proxy, it was not Robin’s role to make the decisions but rather to interpret the health information for her Dad so he could understand it in layman’s terms and make educated choices.

Robin is truly passionate about her health advocate role. Her ultimate goal is for every individual to take the resources provided and instill positive change in their life.


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